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Report GFL Missed Pick-Up - Canton Township Residents ONLY

  1. Please wait 24 hours before reporting a missed pickup. 

    Please provide your information below to help Canton and GFL track any residential missed pick up.   

    If your home was missed, please keep your garbage, yard waste and recycling at the curb and it will be collected. Please do not take your containers in at night as they are working longer hours than usual.

    We understand that rain and animals are a nuisance to bagged collection items.  Please note, our curbside collection guidelines do allow for the use of 32-gallon containers for both yard-waste and refuse.

    IMPORTANT: Once your form is submitted, you will get an auto response confirming your submission.  There is no need to follow up.  All missed pickups will be promptly forwarded to GFL for service.  

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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