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The Lower Rouge Trail

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The Lower Rouge Trail

Connecting the Canton Community Through Passive Recreation Canton's scenic trails were developed to offer residents an opportunity to experience the splendors of nature close to home. Visitors will be able to make a personal connection with nature through walking, running, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and wildlife watching. 

Canton's existing trail network extends from Canton Center Road to the I-275 bike Trail, and follows the Lower Rouge River along its entirety.

Along the existing route, individuals and clubs have also developed numerous footpaths and off-road biking trails. While traveling along the existing trail, users will cross the river 7 times using pre-fabricated wooden arch-style bridges. 

Access to the existing trail network can be obtained by using the trail head parking lot located on Morton Taylor Road, north of Michigan Avenue. The trail-head parking lot is open to the public from dawn until dusk daily 

Access is also available at Canton Center Road. The total length of the existing trail system is approximately 4 miles, not including the off-trail footpaths which are nearly 8 miles in length.

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