Foreclosure & Eviction Information

Home Owners

For information on foreclosure assistance, view the following websites for further assistance:


You're paying your rent on time, but your landlord isn't, and you are the one holding the eviction notice. This has become an all too familiar theme where banks are booting good tenants onto the streets after seizing property from a delinquent owner, ignoring tenant leases. View the following information for assistance in this matter:

  • The property you live in may be the beneficiary of a Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac new renter policy beginning in January or 2009. If the property you are renting is a beneficiary of this new program, Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac will be contacting you. Details are unavailable at this time.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development outlines tenant rights by state. For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website or call 313/224-5990 or 800/569-4287 (toll free).
  • Call or visit the Wayne County Treasurer's Department website.
    • Investigate the landlord's financial situation to see if he's in foreclosure. District court records or the county recorder's office will show if foreclosure actions or judgments have been filed against your landlord.
    • The lender's name or its lawyer's name will be on the eviction notice. Contact them and let them know you're leasing the property. Find out what your options are and don't be bullied into leaving the property sooner than stated by law.
    • Call the Better Business Bureau at 248/644-9100 to see if there are any complaints against your landlord.
    • View the Michigan State Housing Development Authority website for State of Michigan renters information.

Obama Plan Resources

Visit the Making Home Affordable website that lets you determine eligibility, find housing counseling, estimate your lower payments, and briefs you on the program before calling your loan services.

Refinancing Low-Interest Loan Qualifications

  • You could qualify for refinancing into a low-interest loan through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac if they already own or back your home loan. Many people don't even know if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac hold their loans, so ask the lender. Visit the Fannie Mae website or call 800/732-6643. Or visit the Freddie Mac website or call 800/373-3343 for more information.
  • The refinancing will be available only to people whose outstanding loan amounts are no more than 105% of the current value of the home.

Loan Modification

To modify a loan, start by answering these questions:

  • Is the property your primary residence?
  • Is the amount you owe on your first mortgage equal to or less than $729,750?
  • Are you having trouble paying your mortgage?
  • Did you get your current mortgage before January 1, 2009?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, you may be eligible for help under the Making Home Affordable Program.

Mortgage Assistance

Get mortgage assistance through the A Step Forward program, sponsored by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority website.