Public Works

Below are our most commonly requested documents:

Canton's Public Works  Division is part of the Municipal Services Department.  To learn more about MSD and what it does, click here.

Report Hazardous Road Conditions

To report hazardous road conditions please contact Wayne county at 888/ROAD-CREW. You may contact this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please reserve calls for hazardous conditions only such as large potholes, malfunction traffic signals, or flooded roads. Residents may also report a hazardous condition online using Wayne County's Online Request Service. The link can also be used to track your reported issue.

Water Safety

One Water - Alliance of Rouge Communities  

Due to recent events, a lot of attention has been focused on the importance of water safety. Canton would like to assure all residents and business owners that we take the safety of our water supply system very seriously.

Each year, Canton issues a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) that gives a detailed analysis about where Canton’s water comes from and the treatment process it goes through. It also gives consumers detailed information about the quality of their drinking water. At the bottom of this page is a link to the most recent report.

Canton’s water is tested for lead every year, the last tests were taken in 2021 and showed no detection of lead. While it is not uncommon for many older communities to use lead piping for water services, Canton’s infrastructure does not contain any lead services.

We’ve also received a lot of calls from residents wanting to know if cloudy water is safe to drink, it is. View a Q&A About Cloudy Water to learn why it happens and why cloudy water is harmless. Canton takes the safety of its water supply very seriously and we pride ourselves in providing clean and pressurized water to every home and business in the community.

How Do I Report a Water Main Break?

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, you may call Canton’s Division of Public Works at 734/397-1011 or Engineering Services at 734/394-5150. If the break happens after hours or during a holiday please call Canton Public Safety at 734/394-5400. Residents are asked to call DTE at 800/477-4747 for new service, power outages, and for gas leaks.


Canton’s Public Works Division is broken into six sections: Fleet Maintenance, Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer Collection, Environmental Services, Customer Services and Asset Management. These six sections are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the public utility systems.

Primary duties include:

  • Water meter installation, reading, repairs and testing
  • Control water pressure and flows
  • Cut and cap illegal sewer lead connections
  • Hosting the annual River Day and Hazardous Household Waste Round-up
  • Fire Hydrant flushing
  • Operation and maintenance of the public sanitary sewer collection system
  • Operation and maintenance of the public water distribution system

Water Quality Reports

Most Recent Report (PDF) | View All Reports

Hotlines for Illicit Discharges & Spills

  • Wayne County: 888/223-2363
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality PEAS Hotline: 800/292-4706