Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office is located on the main floor of the Administration Building.

The Township Clerk is the elected official responsible for:

Maintaining the records of the Township, administering all Township elections and issuing licenses. The FOIA Coordinator is the Deputy Clerk. 

Notary Service
Notary Service is available for Canton residents at $5.00 per transaction. Multiple page documents - please call the Clerk's office for an appointment.


For ordinance complaints 734/394-5400
For ordinance questions 734/394-5335


  1. Dog License
  2. Bicycle License
  3. Solicitor & Peddler License

Dog Licensing/ Dog Park Application (PDF)
Dog Park Waiver Form (PDF)
Dog Park Rules (PDF)
Animal Fancier Permit Application (PDF)

Please Note: In order to license a dog, a valid and current certificate of vaccination for Rabies and Distemper must be provided and signed by an accredited veterinarian.

  1. Used Car Dealer
  2. Junk Dealer
  3. Kennel License
  4. Liquor License
  5. MAD License
  1. Massage License
  2. Service Station License
  3. Sexually Oriented Business
  4. Smoking Establishment License
  5. Teen Club License
  6. Going Out of Business License