Master Plan Advisory Board

Meetings of the Master Plan Advisory Board are open to the public and anyone may attend. The Advisory Board members will be advising staff, but will not be making formal decisions or motions. If you would like to comment or discuss any aspect of the project, please contact Erin Schlutow at 734-394-5179, or you may send your comments to

Master Plan Advisory Board Members

  • Aarushi Ganguly
  • Andrew Xie
  • Clarence Lee
  • Connie Wade
  • Dawn Zuber (Planning Commissioner)
  • Deepinder Singh Battu
  • Erik Weber
  • Irfran Jafry
  • Jon Hoffman
  • Kate Borniski (Trustee)
  • Majid Taj
  • Anne Marie Graham-Hudak (Twp Supervisor)/Dian Slavens (Twp Treasurer)
  • Nancy Eggenberger (Planning Commissioner)
  • Ranson Smith
  • Sommer Foster (Trustee, Planning Commissioner)