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MAy 2021

  1. Applications for Local Road Program
  2. Liberty Fest Canceled
  3. River Day on May 15
  4. Canton Farmers Market Opening Day

Beginning June 1, Canton’s Engineering Services Division will begin accepting applications from Homeowner Associations and other interested resident groups to participate in the 2022 Local Road Match Program. In an effort to help educate residents on how the program works, we’ve developed the following list of FAQs. Answers to these questions and more can be found at

•  What is the local match program? 

•  How are applications submitted? 

•  What if I’m not in an HOA, can I still submit a project? 

•  How much money will my homeowner group need to contribute?

•  What does the project cost include? 

•  What if my group doesn’t know the size of the project? 

•  Can my homeowner group submit multiple projects for 2022?  

•  When will you need the check for the matching funds? 

•  Do I need to provide anything besides a check for the matching funds? 

  1. A message from Supervisor Graham-Hudak
  2. clerk's office wins national award
  3. hazardous waste disposal options
  4. did you know?

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather! We are very thankful for the warmer temperatures, as it means we can look forward to enjoying all of the many outdoor activities our community has to offer. Please consider outdoor dining at one of Canton’s many restaurants. Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders! Good things are still happening in Canton amidst this global pandemic. Treasurer Dian Slavens has some good news for residents in her column about water rates, and the Board just approved goals and strategies for the next four years which include: Welcoming Community, Healthy Ecosystem, Quality Infrastructure, Organizational Climate & Culture and Financial Stability. More to come soon as employee teams work to align actions!

Canton has also partnered with both Kroger Pharmacy and Wayne County to provide weekly vaccination clinics for our residents. Every department and functional area of our organization has pitched in one way or another to make these clinics happen, and I am very happy to report that we are on schedule to have vaccinated 13,000 residents by the end of April. However, vaccinations are not enough. As COVID cases skyrocket, I am once again obligated to urge residents to be vigilant in mask wearing, social distancing and in following other recommended safety guidelines. It takes a village to help each other and we are asking for volunteers to help us at the vaccination clinics. Please volunteer at  

I understand that we are all suffering from COVID fatigue. I look forward to the day when this column is nothing but good news about all of the great things happening in our township. But for now, I am also asking that we all show some patience and understanding to our neighbors, fast food workers, store clerks, and others as we go about our day. A little kindness can go a long way. 

Have a great May, and Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. committee members needed
  2. Canton ADA public meeting
  3. treasurer slavens' corner

Currently, Canton is looking for residents to serve on two committees: the Canton Cares Fund Advisory Committee and the Technology Committee. 

The Canton Cares Fund Advisory Committee focuses on reviewing requests and advising on the proper use of the Canton Cares Fund. Members must be a Canton resident and willing to serve a three-year term with quarterly meetings. The Canton Cares Fund is a 501(c)(3) program in partnership with the Canton Community Foundation that assists families in need following a disaster as well as supports areas within the Township.

The Technology Committee will work to review technology available externally in the township and to develop a strategy to meet the Canton Board of Trustees goals and objectives as a smart sustainable township. This group will meet monthly at a minimum until the strategy is developed. It will then be determined as to the frequency of subsequent meetings.

Interested residents should fill out an application at by Friday, May 28.

  1. Support the canton trail fund
  2. virtual neighborhood know-how on may 13
  3. covid-19 testing

With the onset of warmer temperatures, many residents will be out walking, riding and strolling the many trails throughout the community. 

The Canton Trail Fund is designed to provide grants to Canton Township for the building and maintaining of public bike and walking trails within the township. The intention of the fund is to be a supplement to existing and proposed future trail improvements, maintenance, expansion and capital construction activities of the Township.