Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is an appointed board that hears complaints against representatives of the Charter Township of Canton and, when there is a reasonable basis to believe that a violation of Chapter 2, Article V of the Canton Code of Ordinances, titled Code of Ethics, has occurred, to refer those complaints for prosecution and/or a disciplinary hearing.

The Board of Ethics acts as a quasi-judicial body and is required to follow accepted procedures and fairly evaluate all relevant facts in each case that comes before it. The board is supported by an administrative staff that receives and reviews complaints. Complaints alleging a violation of ordinance are filed with the Clerk of the township or the human resources manager. The Clerk attends the meetings and act as secretary.

The Board of Ethics is comprised of three members serving three years terms:

One appointed by the Township Board of Trustees
One appointed by the Township Supervisor
One appointed by the Township Human Resources Manager

Township Corporation Counsel and the Human Resources Manager shall serve on the Board of Ethics as ex officio members without the right to vote.

Members                                                                                                          Term Expiration
Bryan Smith, Supervisor Appointee (Democratic)                                      8/14/2022
Charise Anderson, Board Appointee (Democratic)                                    8/14/2024
Eric Pahl, Human Resources Appointee (Independent)                            8/14/2023

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Membership Criteria

No person shall be appointed as a member of the Board of Ethics who is related, either by blood or by marriage up to the degree of first cousin, to any elected official of the township nor shall they be employed by the township. No more than two members may belong to the same political party at the time such appointments are made. Party affiliation shall be determined by affidavit of the person appointed. Members shall serve without compensation. Members must either reside or own a business inside the geographic boundaries of the township.


Meetings and Hearings are held on an as needed basis and the Township Clerk shall work with the Chairperson to establish the date, time, and location. The Board of Ethics meets annually with the Township Board to review the code of ethics to consider recommendations for updates of the ordinance as necessary.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Meeting Participation Code Of Courtesy

The board respects the rights of citizens to participate in the public process, and asks that everyone adhere to the following code of courtesy:

  • Begin your comments by stating your name and address for the record.
  • All public comments should provide a point of view, gain information, share a criticism, or express a concern.
  • Be considerate of others who wish to speak by limiting your comments to a reasonable length.


Any person(s) may file a complaint if they have information a public officer or employee has violated the Ethics Ordinance. It is not enough merely to allege a public officer or employee has acted improperly. A complaint must contain credible information supporting the allegation(s) that one or more of the Standards of Conduct contained in the Ethics Ordinance have been violated. A complaint must be filed within four years of the date the offense is alleged to have occurred.

Code of Ethics Complaint