Payment Options

  • Invoice Cloud Water Bill Payments (Online Payments): Enter your water account number to look up your account and schedule your payment. Payments can be made the same day or scheduled for a later date. Payment must be made before 4:30 pm to be credited to your account for that date. When using Invoice Cloud, be sure your banking routing number and account number are correct. Incorrect numbers may result in your payment being returned by the bank.
  • Invoice Cloud Tax Payments (Online Payments): Click on the payment link to locate your account. Once you've located your account and selected the payment button, a quick, one-time payment can be made without registering or you can create an account to enjoy more features like setting up automatic payments, saving payment information for later use, and viewing history.  When using Invoice Cloud, be sure your bank routing number and account number are correct. Incorrect numbers may result in your payment being returned and fees charged to your account.
  • Auto-Pay: Your water/sewer bill will be automatically taken out of your checking or savings account on the due date. You can enroll online following the attached instructions: Auto-Pay Enrollment form (PDF).
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): This allows you to make a payment over the phone with your Visa, Master Card or debit card. It is important to know your six digit account number and the amount due, you may also make a partial payment. The toll free number is 1-855-789-2307.
  • Treasurer's Office: Located on the first floor at the Canton Township Administration building located at 1150 Canton Center S. Method of payments accepted: cash, check, money order, debit card, Visa and or Master card.
  • Night Deposit Box:  A night deposit box for your water bill payment is located on the southeast side of the Canton Administration Building, 1150 South Canton Center Road.

*** Some residents wish to have their water/sewer bill forwarded to a different address while they are away. Water bills are not forwarded with an address change at the post office. It is important to contact the water department if you want your bill mailed to a different address, remembering to change it back when you return ***

Township Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.